Explorer’s Club Terms and Conditions

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How much does it cost to join the Explorer’s Club?
The Explorer’s Club membership is an open-ended subscription of two allotments per year. Each allotment contains six bottles of hand-selected wines from our library, and will include limited release wines, as well as club-only offerings. There are no membership fees or monthly dues. Cost for each allotment can vary anywhere between $150 and $280, plus applicable tax. All selections will be automatically charged within two weeks prior to shipment/pick-up.

We are currently able to accept membership applications for customers residing in:


What is included with each allotment?
Included with your six hand-selected bottles are tasting notes and food pairing suggestions. Sometimes we may include one or two of our favorite recipes, try them out and let us know what you think!


How will I know when I have been charged?
We will bill the credit card we have on file for your account, and a notification of upcoming charges will be sent a week in advance of billing. You will receive a second notice once packages are shipped or ready for pick up. In the event the card on file is expired or does not process payment, we will attempt to contact you by phone and/or email in order to resolve the issue.

If we are unsuccessful in reaching you after three attempts, we will mail a written notice of inactive membership. Members with an inactive account will not receive member perks during period of inactivity. If at any time you would like to reinstate your membership, simply call us and we’d be happy to re-activate your account.


What are the other benefits of the Explorer’s Club membership?
Explorer’s Club members receive a wide range of benefits:
* Access to library selections, limited release, and pre-release wines
* Access to our wine CSA program
* Invitation to in-house calibration sessions (season-dependent and could include educational activities such as vineyard walks, barrel tastings, blending trials, and library exploration)
* Complimentary tastings and winery tours by appointment
* Priority ticketing to open winery events
* Members’ Concierge Service
* Use of our tasting room for privately hosted events, without the space fee. (Minimum wine purchase applies, email info@voxvineyards.com for more info.)
* In-home guided wine tastings for you and 15 additional guests, without the speaker fee. (Minimum wine purchase applies, email info@voxvineyards.com for more info.)


Can my Explorer’s Club benefits be extended to someone else?
Club benefits are exclusive to the person’s or persons’ name(s) on the account. However, tasting benefits are available for up to three people, including the member, who must be present at the time of the tasting.


How can I make changes to my Explorer’s Club account?
If you need to update your account with new information such as new billing or shipping address, new phone number(s) or email address(es), new credit card number or expiration date, ship or pick-up preference, simply give us a call at 816-354-4903 and we’d be happy to update your account.

If for any reason you need to cancel your account, you may do so after your first allotment. Cancel at any time with a 30-day notice, which must be provided in writing. There is no cancellation fee. Alternatively, if you would like to deactivate your account for a period of time due to travel or other circumstances, please give us a call. When you are ready to reinstate your membership, simply call us and we’d be happy to re-activate your account.


What happens if my Explorer’s Club shipment is sent back to the winery?
We ship UPS Ground with an estimate of 5-7 business days for delivery. We are unable to ship to a P.O. Box APO/FPO, and an adult signature is required at the time of delivery. We strongly suggest you provide a business address for shipments if you are away from home during the day. Address changes MUST be received by us two weeks prior to shipping. If you are unable to sign for your wine package on any of the 3 delivery attempts, UPS will return your package to the nearest UPS store. You have the option to have your package held for pick-up or reshipped for an additional shipping fee.


What should I do if one or more of the bottles in my shipment arrives broken or is leaking?
UPS usually catches any broken contents before it is sent to the receiver, however, if you do receive broken or leaking bottles in your shipment, please notify us and we will assist accordingly.


What should I do if I believe one of my bottles is “corked”?
We use only natural cork and we expect that a small fraction of our bottles will exhibit cork “taint”. If you ever encounter a corked bottle of our wine, please contact us immediately. We will do our best to replace it with an identical wine (subject to availability), or we will provide you with a comparable alternative.


What if I do not like the wine(s) selected for me?
Our Winemaker hand selects a variety of wines that will have an appeal to most members. Due to inventory and varied wine prices, we are unable to substitute bottles. May we suggest that you at least give the Winemaker’s selections a try? Explore the new wine frontier with us, you may be pleasantly surprised!


How will I know when my wine is ready for pick up in the Tasting Room?
You will be notified by email as soon as the pick-up date is announced, usually two weeks prior to the date.


If I can’t make it to the winery, can I have someone else pick up my wine for me?
Yes, absolutely! Just be sure to give us a call with the name of the person picking up, prior to their arrival, so that we can make notes on your account. This person must be 21 years of age or older in order to receive the allotment on your behalf, and will need to sign a pick up confirmation sheet at that time.


How long will the winery hold my wines in the Tasting Room for me?
We invite local members to pick up Explorer’s Club selections at the winery. We kindly ask that you come within the first month of release to pick up your Explorer’s Club package. However, due to limited storage space, wines will be shipped automatically after two months at the member’s expense. An adult (21 or older) must be present to sign for and accept packages containing alcoholic beverages.


How long does my wine club membership last?
Your wine club membership lasts for as long as you wish it to continue. There is no annual fee and your only obligation is to purchase two annual allotments, six bottles each. You may cancel your membership at any time after receiving your first allotment, with a 30-day notice, which must be provided in writing. There is no cancellation fee.


Privacy Policy
Vox Vineyards will never sell or share your personal information with any outside individuals or organizations. We maintain your personal information in a secure database, and will notify you immediately of any breach in our security. Should you ever discontinue your Explorer’s Club membership, your credit card information will be purged from our database within five days.