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I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food...
— Julia Child







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Summary Block

  • Summary blocks display photo galleries, blog posts, or events.
  • They automatically update with new content.
  • There are four different layouts available.

Grid Layout


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Image Layouts

Standard Image  Can be displayed in columns if desired.

Standard Image

Can be displayed in columns if desired.

Standard Image  Caption is optional.

Standard Image

Caption is optional.


IMage POster

Additional text here.


Image card

Left and right option are available.


Image Overlap

Additional copy.


Image Collage

"The napkin"


Image Stack

Best displayed in a grid of at least two columns.


IMage Stack



Squarespace has built-in support for GIFs. You can add them just like any other image - using a standard image block or one of the image layouts shown above.



Image Galleries


To create a gallery like the one below, you'll need to:

  • Use an Index Page.
  • Include a Gallery Page in the Index.
  • In other words, you'll drag a Gallery Page into the Index rather than a Standard Page.

If your Gallery Page is the page in the Index, the site header (logo and navigation) will appear over the gallery - like on the homepage.


Index Gallery


Carousel Gallery

  • There are four gallery layouts available for in-page galleries. 
  • Two layouts are shown here.
  • Each gallery layout has different styling options available.

Grid Gallery


Instagram Gallery


Instagram galleries can be displayed in any standard gallery layout.