Our Vineyard Management Practices

At TerraVox we strive to create a healthful and balanced vineyard ecology through the use of low-intervention and organic farming practices when possible.

Organic viticulture in this region is thought to be impossible by many. Our fertile soils lead to high vine vigor, reducing airflow in the canopy which encourages disease growth. High humidity also contributes to disease and fungus occurrence. Temperature extremes both hot and cold limit our choice in cultivars to those that thrive easily, so selecting grape varieties hardy enough to survive our harsh climate is key to producing quality fruit and in turn, quality wine.


Two hands are holding a bunch of grapes and a pair of pruning sheers in the vineyard.

maintained with care by hand

Personal time and attention is given to each of our more than thirty cultivars grown here at TerraVox. We do this in order to achieve optimal vine balance and health. Our viticultural practices are custom-tailored to suit the individual growing needs of each of these cultivars with observations made toward susceptibilities of pests and diseases, growth habits, and individual ripening schedules.

Even before the growing season starts, we plan out custom pruning strategies for each variety, ensuring balanced growth between foliage and fruit. Pruning, canopy management, and harvesting are all completed non-mechanically by hand with the help of our small and dedicated crew.

Three people standing in a vineyard working on canopy thinning.

integrated pest management

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soil nutrition

We treat our soil management like we treat a healthy human body, by providing it with the nutrients it needs to create a healthy microbiome which in turn leads to healthy and happy vines.


The Vineyard Through the Seasons